5g Platinum Bar

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As interest in Platinum Bars continues to rise, we’re delighted to offer our customers a range of popular Bullion products like these 5-gram Platinum Bars. We work closely with leading international mints and refineries to bring you high-quality Platinum Bars and Coins at the most competitive prices. All 5 g Platinum Bars are supplied with certification in plastic capsules.

What sets Platinum apart?

Platinum is a relatively new discovery in precious metal terms – it was only listed as an element in the mid-18th century. However, it was found much earlier by pre-Columbian natives in South America and used to produce various artifacts. It was mentioned as early as the 16th century in European writings but it was only when Antonio de Ulloa published his paper on an exciting new Columbian-origin precious metal in 1748 that scientists began to investigate its properties.

Natural resources are limited. Most of the platinum used in industry, technology, and refining today comes from South Africa where volatile conditions can affect the supply chain and price. Price fluctuations can pay big dividends – just another reason for Platinum’s popularity.

Why consider 5 g Platinum Bars

5 gram bars of fine .9995 Platinum are a smart choice for investors. Whether you’re new to Precious Metals or whether you’re an established trader, 5 g Platinum Bars represent excellent value for money. They are more affordable than larger bars and they also make great gifts. Plus, because of its rarity, demand for platinum is high so your investment will always increase in value.

Highlights include:

5 grams of pure .9995 platinum in each bar

Supplied in blister packaging with certificate of authenticity

Prestigious manufacturers like Heraeus

Available at the most attractive prices at goldinvest.biz

Price: €250.00

5 gr

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